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Random fact for you because everyday is a school day:

you're amazing

But on a serious note, I think you should know that you're wonderful, and important, and validated in whatever you choose to do, and whoever you choose to be. Your choices are yours. (just, please refrain from criminal activity- you're very much better than that.) And if times are tough now, stuff will get better. Maybe not easier, but you can bet your bottom something really great and amazing is gonna happen to you sooner or later.


I don't know what to write here. Use your imagination. Maybe cry and look off into the middle distance like you read something profound and life-changing.

It's okay, I won't judge. We all cry sometimes. Even Putin sometimes maybe.


space hamster, bitches

And guess what. This one can't die.

This man is a god to me. This man is adorable. This man has the most attractive blue eyes. This man has a beard that suits his face *dreamy sigh*. This man is f*cking hilarious. This man is Ian Hecox. *cue dramatic action-hero music*

Dixon Cider music video here.

IanH YouTube channel here.

Okay I’m done.

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