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you're amazing

But on a serious note, I think you should know that you're wonderful, and important, and validated in whatever you choose to do, and whoever you choose to be. Your choices are yours. (just, please refrain from criminal activity- you're very much better than that.) And if times are tough now, stuff will get better. Maybe not easier, but you can bet your bottom something really great and amazing is gonna happen to you sooner or later.


I don't know what to write here. Use your imagination. Maybe cry and look off into the middle distance like you read something profound and life-changing.

It's okay, I won't judge. We all cry sometimes. Even Putin sometimes maybe.


space hamster, bitches

And guess what. This one can't die.

This is a screen shot for the I Know You Stranger Task in Red Dead Redemption. If you haven’t gotten to Beecher’s hope stop reading here. I mean it. Stop right now. Good.

I think this man is either God or the Devil, most likely the Devil. In the Old West they believed the Devil wore all black and a tophat. Or maybe God because before John shoots he says “Damn you!” and the Stranger replies “Yes many have…” (refers to the phrase God Damn you!). Speaking of John shooting at the mysterious man, John shoots 4 bullets. Three leave the gun and one jams…. Stop reading here if you haven’t finished the mission “The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed”.

Since John shot at the Strange Man, the Strange Man believes he must punish John… by taking John’s life and the lives of John’s family.

1 bullet for Uncle - the 1st to die and the oldest in the group

1 bullet for John - 2nd to die, also the 2nd oldest

1 bullet for Abigail - 3rd to die and the 3rd oldest

1 bullet for Jack - *pause for effect* *dramatic music* the bullet that jammed was for Jack.

The Strange Man only punishes John for the bullets that left his gun, in the order of the ones that had the least life left to live. Not to mention that The Strange Man is standing exactly where John, Abigail, and Uncle are buried, and where we first meet playable Jack.

*slow dramatic music* Think about it….*dun dun duunnn!

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